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Allamuchy North




Allamuchy North is a rugged piece of topography well-suited to the full-suspension set.  If you're looking for an area to take the kids, the Stephens and Allamuchy Natural Area are better choices.  The North section is located North of I-80 and West of SR-206 with access from a couple of points.  Our excursions have all commenced from the parking area near the Sussex Branch Trail on the way to Waterloo Village.  If this sounds vague, get used to it.  Markings are very poor in Allamuchy North.  You'll need a park map and a compass to keep from getting lost.  There are numerous loops, comprised mostly of single-track, that continuously ascend and descend the hillside.  Level ground is few and far between.  The payoff is that this place is a blast.  Lean way over the bars to keep from doing a wheelie on the uphills and get way back off your saddle on the downhills.  You'll do this for miles.  Home-grown switchbacks, creek-bed crossings, and blow-downs are all part of the action.  You'll use all your travel here.   

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