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Bearfort Mountain

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Bearfort Mountain stretches from the upper reaches of Morris County to the New York State line and forms the northwestern border of Passaic County. Most of the mountain is preserved as either the Pequannock Watershed or Wawayanda State Park - Terrace Pond Section. A permit is required for the watershed property and can be obtained along with a map for a small fee at the NWCDC office on Echo Lake Road. There are numerous old woods roads and some excellent singletrack to explore here. Begin your loop by heading NW from the parking area atop Stephens Road. At about 0.1 mi. bear right onto and begin climbing the TPR (Red) singletrack. This is a technical, rock-laden trail that follows the lower ridge of Bearfort Mountain. There are at least three big blowdowns and a low, swampy area that you'll need to carry your bike over. Shortly after this swampy section and the steep but short incline that follows it, watch for the trail to turn left and steeply down. Markings tend to be spotty in the watershed so you'll need to pay close attention to the trail. Keep following the trail through this area of short climbs and descents until you reach a 'T'. Turn left onto a yellow-blazed trail. You are now riding a ridge just west of the one you rode earlier and heading back towards Stephens Road. When you rejoin Stephens Road you will be on the northwest side of Bearfort Mountain. From here you can turn left and return to the parking area or turn right and drop down to Clinton Road and gain access to Wawayanda State Park via the Old Coal Road. If you opt for latter, make sure you have plenty of water and enough energy to get you back to your vehicle before dark. Assuming you've decided to head home, you'll find this section of Stephens to be nothing like the graded, gravel road you drove your car on to reach the parking area earlier in the day. This doubletrack is rough and rocky, well suited to a full-suspension frame. When you reach the parking area you'll have completed yet another adventure in the Highlands.

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